London Relocation offers an all-inclusive, customized corporate relocation service if you or your staff are moving to London from the US, Canada, or anywhere in the world.

Serving as the MLS the UK doesn’t have, we’ve helped 100% of our clients find their ideal homes and move in within 1-3 days of viewing.

But we’re more than that. Paying you personalized attention from start to finish, our total solution covers all your relocation needs to keep you on time, in budget, and at ease.


Adjusting to a new environment is a daunting undertaking, and we relate to that. We’re expatriates who have made the move to London ourselves. Identifying with your assignees’ needs, we infuse everything we do with empathy, compassion, and personalized attention.

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Home Search

Good London apartments are hard to find. We overcome any obstacles the local lettings market might throw at you.


A lot of considerations go into moving to London, and deciding where to live is not least among them. Selecting apartments begins with selecting neighborhoods.

Moving/Freight Services

In concept, moving to London as part of a corporate relocation is about transferring employees from one office to another. In practice, it’s also transferring all their stuff!


Moving to England for employment can’t happen if expatriates don’t have UK visas and work permits in the first place. We’re your gateway to the UK.

Short Term

One problem of moving overseas is properly timing and arranging living conditions, in which case short-term rentals are typically the solution.

School Search

With a family in tow, professionals moving overseas must meet the needs of everyone involved. Factoring their children into the relocation equation is imperative.

Furniture Rental

To bring furniture or not to bring to furniture…that is the question for many moving overseas. And we have your answer.

Expense Management

Each employee moving to London for a corporate relocation is a bundle of separate expenses for you as HR to oversee. We’ll help you manage your budget.

Settling in Services

We stick with you from start to finish – and we don’t consider it “finished” until your assignees are safe, sound, and able to stand on their own.

Group Move Services

As expert relocation consultants, our team knows a group move means your company is undertaking a big change.

Tax Advisers

One of the more “taxing” aspects of moving to the UK is having to contend with a new nation’s rules. We’ll be your tax advisors.

Pet Relocation Experts

Sometimes corporate relocation means pet relocation as well. Transferring assignees successfully entails a lot of research into not only what they need but also their animal companions!



Consider us your command center. Centralizing all the separate pieces of moving to London—and across all assignees—we’ll be your one stop for everyone’s diverse needs and the friendly, familiar face reporting to you regularly.


It ain’t over ’til it’s over, and we say it isn’t over until your staff is fully situated here. From managing your expectations at the outset—to managing the process—to staying on hand well after the move to London, we’re about covering all bases and building lasting relationships.


This speaks for itself, but we’ll also say this: We’re your total relocation solution and will simultaneously tap dance and juggle if that’s what it takes to do our job and do it right. Our empathetic crew is here for you, minimizing your workload and meeting your budget and time constraints to make moving to London seamless.


If moving to the UK from the US or Canada like several of us did, we know you have high standards for service delivery. Knowing also what it’s like to feel foreign, uncertain, and alone in a new place, we’re adamant about making it easier and enjoyable for you, hand holding you through every step with white-gloved customer service.