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Tips for Helping Children Prepare for Relocation

Your promotion is complete and you are now expected to relocate to the new company site in London. Now the search begins for houses in London. However, the most difficult part of the entire relocation process isn’t finding housing, but telling your children that you are picking up and moving a long distance. Moving can be traumatic for children who …Read More

Posted on: 04-5-2013

Make Your Corporate Move to London Count with These Healthy Activities

If you’re in the process of planning a corporate move to London then you will arrive at just the right time. Spring is in the air and Londoners take this opportunity to get out and about to partake in healthier foods and activities. What better opportunity to change the way you live than with a complete location change. Not only …Read More

Posted on: 04-4-2013

How to Overcome Staff Relocation Barriers

Companies today are picking up and relocating for a number of important reasons. Some move to acquire more space for growth, to realize savings, to gain access to more lucrative markets, to consolidate resources, etc. However, regardless of the motive, relocation can impact staff in a big way, especially if they have to make longer commutes or are asked to …Read More

Posted on: 04-3-2013

Free London Attractions to Visit after Relocation

There can be quite a bit of expense associated with a London corporate move. On top of that, London is an expensive city and it can take some time before the paychecks start flowing from your new office. Therefore, in order to save you money while you are recuperating from your relocation, we are providing a listing of free attractions …Read More

Posted on: 04-2-2013

Travel Back in Time by Visiting Top Museums in London

Take advantage of your company job relocation by delving into London’s rich historical collections housed within various galleries and museums located nearby London apartments for rent. This magnificent city contains some of the greatest treasures from around the world including royal displays, private collections, and examples of items gathered through Britain’s hundreds of years of global conquest. Once you get …Read More

Posted on: 04-1-2013

3 London Neighborhood Gems to Consider for Relocations

Locating good housing in a good neighborhood is a priority when involved in corporate moves. London is a particularly difficult city to find such needs because of its grand size and diverse boroughs and neighborhoods dotted throughout. However, some gem neighborhoods exist if you know where to look. Therefore, hiring corporate relocation companies to help with your transition from your …Read More

Posted on: 03-29-2013

London Rail Information for Exciting Day Trips

Relocating with a company to London is an exciting endeavor. The first thing most staff members want to do after settling in to home and job is to see the city which relocation consultants can help you achieve. You will also glean a great deal of information on city transportation, best places to visit, local customs and cultural differences, and …Read More

Posted on: 03-28-2013

Great London Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

Once you’ve completed your corporate relocation to London, you will want to know where to treat your favorite family members and new friends on those upcoming special occasions. This grand city is chock full of marvelous places that will make such events not only enjoyable, but they will provide lifelong memories as an extra special part of the gift. Whether …Read More

Posted on: 03-27-2013

London Property Deals Found Despite Improving Economy & Rising Prices

London’s recovery from the lingering financial crisis continues to push upwards the first part of 2013 driving away fears of a triple-dip recession that threatened the nation in 2012.  The GVA (Gross Value Added) increased by 0.9 percent over 2012 and is projected to come in at around 1.8 percent at the end of this year and further increase in …Read More

Posted on: 03-26-2013

What to Look Forward to On Your London Relocation

So, you have agreed to participate in a London relocation program with your company. You are probably feeling quite anxious and somewhat stressed, but once all the arrangements and moving have taken place you can kick back and enjoy the wonderful attractions and benefits that this lovely city has to offer. Following is a summary of top highlights you can …Read More

Posted on: 03-25-2013

Why London is the Go-To Location for Relocating Companies

Today’s trend has set companies jostling for a foothold in strategic locations around the globe that better give them a competitive edge against a growing number of rivals vying for the same business customers. This has led to a surge in company relocations that demand assistance from those offering expertise in corporate relocation services. London has been a prime spot …Read More

Posted on: 03-22-2013

Corporaterelocationlondon started working

The new website these guys created is mainly to help people find quick and affordable moving solution to customers. We are happy to announce our business will become part of their success story as we believe their are on the right path of providing different type of customer services …Read More

Posted on: 03-21-2013

How to Have a London Social Life after Relocating without Spending a Fortune

London can be quite expensive. Therefore, after you find and move into affordable flats in London upon arriving from a corporate move, you will want to get out, make friends, and enjoy some socializing, but you want to be able to do so without spending your entire paycheck. To assist you with this dilemma, we have provided some pointers on …Read More

Posted on: 03-20-2013

London Estate Agents: Why They Are Necessary For Those Relocating

Those who are anticipating relocation to London with their company and are interested in purchasing property may find the services of London Estate Agents invaluable. It may be standard practice to search for properties on your own where you’re from, but London is a large and sprawling city with various boroughs, zones, and neighborhoods. What’s more, properties in the city …Read More

Posted on: 03-19-2013

How to Make the Most of Your London Short Term Business Relocation

Business relocation is a growing trend and many of the companies setting up shop in London chose to send highly trained executives and staff to help fill necessary slots at their new locations. Some of those relocations are long term, but others are short-term, consisting of only a few months at the company to get things up and running or …Read More

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